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Help us be the source of a better future

Kitwareans are driven by technical excellence, collaboration, passion, and independence. Whether in a support or development position, all Kitwareans and their contributions are key to the success of the team and fuel scientific innovation.

  • Technical Excellence: Work with some of the best software developers and computational scientists in the world, and grow your own skills to match them.
  • Collaboration: Break down boundaries and divisions by working with team members, leadership, world-renowned universities and laboratories, and international communities to build better solutions.
  • Passion: Work on projects that feed the fire within and are supported by leadership who believe in and inspire that work.
  • Independence: Employees take ownership of their work and are encouraged to pursue new ideas and challenge the status quo.
  • Meaningful Work: At Kitware, we are developing cutting-edge technology that has a real impact. Our work is driving innovation and change in the medical computing, HPC & visualization, computer vision, software process, and data & analytics fields.

If this resonates with you as a focused and forward-thinking person, get to know some of our people, explore our culture, investigate our perks, and then apply for one of our open positions.

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