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Be an Equal
Kitware is far from a top-down organization. In fact, we strive for as flat of an organizational structure as possible. While there are people "at the top," you don't have to go far to get to them, though you may have trouble keeping up if they're zipping about on their scooter or skateboard.

At Kitware, we have an open-door policy to encourage feedback and discussion of problems, career choices, and any other considerations. Corporate leadership and management invite us to be active in managing our careers at Kitware, and encourage us to stop in and ask questions. Curiosity is a good thing, and at Kitware we're empowered to pursue our interests. Want to research how modern video game technology could be modified to advance scientific visualization and analysis? Great - explore it. Seek out funding. Go for it. As long as we can show how it contributes to and builds Kitware's open-source software base, we're welcome to pursue it.





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