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Be Heard
Have something to say? Got news to share? Did your work get funded? We want to hear about it! All Kitwareans have blogging privileges to share project updates on work-in-progress, relevant news or articles-of-interest, and topics that we're passionate about. We're all about maintaining an authentic voice, and so blog posts appear on the blog the same way the author typed them - we don't edit, change or modify your blog, unless asked to.

We also have several other communication tools, which are all powered by the content Kitwareans write. The Source is our quarterly newsletter, and Kitwareans contribute technical articles that tie in to our work. Our communications team contacts technical folks to solicit articles, but the best articles are those that you're excited to write.

We want to bang the drum and blow the trumpet about the work we're doing, so we empower Kitwareans to share as much as possible.




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