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Our unique culture is an integral part of the company, and we look for people who are as enthusiastic about Kitware as we are. Since we spend a lot of time with our colleagues, we strive to bring people together who are energized by each other.

Kitware's culture is built around openness, enthusiasm, and meaningful work with impact. We enjoy an environment where we are empowered to pursue new opportunities and new ideas, and where thinking out of the box is encouraged. Kitwareans take pride in our open-door policy and the opportunities each of us has to share our work with the company and often the broader community.

We also believe in "work hard, play hard." We participate in charity runs, bike rides (we've won the Bike to Work Challenge multiple times!), and zany holiday celebrations. Each person at Kitware brings something special to the table and we celebrate this. You'll find groups at Kitware with a variety of interests, from playing strategy board games to hitting the slopes in winter to sampling the latest brew from local breweries.

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