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Kitware's Interview Process
Our interview process is a bit different than most companies. Once you've gone through initial phone interviews, if we're interested we'll invite you in for an in-person interview. (We always appreciate when interview candidates come dressed to impress!) This is when things get interesting. All of our interviews start off with a 30 minute presentation that give you an opportunity to demonstrate your technical excellence, whether that's developing robust code or working magic in Excel. It's a chance for you to showcase not only your skill set but also your personality. The personality part is important, too; we look for people who fit technically and culturally into Kitware.

After the presentation, we send technical candidates, as well as some administrative candidates, off to several one-on-one interviews with the team members you'd be working with. These interviews typically focus on a specific aspect of the job, such as algorithms, math, object-oriented programming, etc. Since the process takes a full day, we typically break it up in the middle and take you to lunch to refuel. We don't perform our best on empty stomachs, and figure the same goes for you. This is also an opportunity for us to talk with you in a more informal setting and get a feel for how you'd fit in at Kitware as a person, rather than employee #102.

We also want to remind you that the interview process at Kitware is a two-way street. It's your turn to ask us questions and try us on for size. We want to be sure that you're a good fit for Kitware, but also that Kitware is a good fit for you. So if you have questions, ask away!

Before you finish up, you sit down with our HR team to go over final details and ask any burning questions you still have. It's your chance to get clarification on those things that are really on your mind, like benefit details or how long it takes for your Land's End order to come in with your new Kitware gear.

We know the interview process is stressful, and that waiting to hear back after you've interviewed is even more so. We therefore do our best to get back to you as quickly as possible, and we often let you know within a week of your interview. Believe us - if you're the right fit for Kitware and we want you on the team, we want you to start as soon as possible!

For more information on interviewing for open source jobs, see Will Schroeder's blog posts "How to Interview for an Open Source Job".