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The Kitware Story
Kitware was founded in 1998 by five colleagues who saw the potential of open-source, scientific software, and the Visualization Toolkit (VTK) provided the inspiration.

Will Schroeder, Ken Martin, and Bill Lorensen originally developed VTK as an open-source project on their own time as companion software to a textbook they were writing. As the toolkit garnered community support and increasing use in the scientific community, Will, Ken, Lisa Avila, Bill Hoffman and Charles Law, colleagues at GE, took the bold leap to support VTK more robustly through a small startup company, and thus Kitware was born.

Since 1998, Kitware's grown at roughly 30% per year through dedicated work, the development of cutting-edge software solutions, and close collaboration with a variety of organizations, including U.S. national labs, academic research institutions, and commercial companies. Kitware's focus has expanded to include medical imaging, quality software processes, computer vision, and data & analytics, and Kitware is the primary developer of ITK, ParaView, CMake, and Midas, in addition to VTK. For more information on Kitware, our open source mission, and our technology cores, please visit www.kitware.com.



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