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Strut Your Stuff
Kitwareans are passionate about our work and research, and that enthusiasm is what keeps us on the cutting-edge of technology. We are encouraged to share this with others and present our work as a technical lunch for other Kitware employees. If our work has a broader impact or appeal and can be talked about publicly, we're encouraged to present a technical talk for the external community. It's a great opportunity to show the world the cool projects we're working on.

Technical employees also attend one conference on Kitware each year. While we are welcome to simply attend, listen and learn, many get involved at events by teaching workshops, co-chairing sessions, participating in panel discussions, etc. Conferences are also an opportunity to make important connections with other developers, researchers, and organizations, and share the Kitware mission and philosophy. Great ideas are often realized over a cup of coffee or a pint of beer, after the official event activities have ended for the day. We go to a variety of events, such as SIGGRAPH, OSCON, OpenFOAM, Mil-OSS, MICCAI, VisWeek, CVRP, ICCV, and RSNA. You can check our events calendar to see where we'll be next, and contact us if you'd like to meet up.



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