Why work at Kitware?

Everyone and their brother offers the standard health insurance, vacation time, and retirement plan benefits, but we like to think that our perks are the best perks.

In addition to more traditional benefits, Kitware takes care of the little things. We believe that happy employees are motivated and productive employees, so we go the extra mile to show appreciation for the hard work that goes into creating world-changing technologies.

One of our core beliefs is while we strive to provide a work environment that allows people to do their jobs and have a bit of fun at the same time, it’s also important to have a life outside of the office.  Kitwareans are not just employees; we have families, friends, hobbies, dreams, and ambitions.  Our benefits and perks reflect that.  Check out the rest of this section to see what gets us excited about working here.

The usual (and not so usual) benefits

Like any great company, we offer a generous benefits package that is chock full of all the things you’re looking for (and maybe some surprises!):

  • Flexible schedule (no, for real!)
    Early riser? Night owl? Adjust your schedule around our core business hours from 10 – 4 M-F, so you can sleep in while still getting time with your coworkers.
  • Paid Time Off
    Full time employees get six weeks of PTO, and are encouraged to use it. Unlike most places, we don’t split up vacation, holiday and sick time – you get six weeks to use how and when you like.
  • Health Insurance
    We offer comprehensive medical, dental and vision insurances, including Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs), with a generous contribution by Kitware.
  • Retirement Savings
    Eligible to contribute to 401(k) after only six months at Kitware, with a company matching that is immediately 100% vested!
  • Immigration and Visa processing
    We’ll help you get here and stay here.
  • Referral bonus
    Yes, you make money if you convince your friend to work for Kitware and they get hired.
  • Tuition reimbursement
    We pay 80% of tuition, books, and fees as long as you get a B or better. Plus, we just launched our new Open Source Software Tuition Program.
  • Life, Disability, and AD&D Insurance
    Don’t worry, even though we offer life and accidental death & dismemberment insurance, we don’t usually need it.
  • Annual computer hardware allowance
    So you can focus on your work rather than the equipment. No begging the Sysadmins for that giant fancy curved monitor – get your system of choice to do your work, and the accessories you need, with no red tape. You can also use this for professional memberships, such as SPIE or IEEE, to stay on top of the latest news, publications, etc.

Design your space

At Kitware, we recognize that people’s preferences for their work space vary, and that the best arrangement for one person may not work for someone else.

We’re encouraged to create a space that enables us to be comfortable and do our best work. That includes ergonomic workspaces – standing desks, fancy chairs, and exercise balls are common, and you may even find a treadmill desk or two. We also use our space to express who we are, with photos, posters, toys, degrees, and awards.

You’re free to choose your own operating system, too – whether you work best on a Mac, Windows, or Linux machine, we want you to have the right tools for the job.

Eat, drink & celebrate

We get together as a company at least twice a month to celebrate something special. Every month includes Wing Day and a birthday celebration, as well as a yearly company picnic, big holiday extravaganza, family gatherings, and the occasional impromptu shindig. We also have email lists where employees plan less official events.

You won’t go hungry between events, either. Our break rooms are always well stocked with coffee, beverages, and snacks. It’s also common to get emails saying “I’ve left <insert homemade goodies here> in the kitchen if you can get it before it’s gone.”

Don’t stress getting dressed

“Formal” is not a word that describes our dress policy. We encourage employees to dress comfortably yet respectfully, so clean jeans and your new Batman t-shirt are just fine. If you’re looking to dress up, which is sometimes necessary, why not wear one of your Kitware shirts? While new employees get a Kitware t-shirt, we also help our employees build a more “formal” Kitware wardrobe with a clothing budget through Land’s End, which you can spend on the polo, sweater, fleece, etc., of your choice. The clothing from Land’s End comes with the Kitware logo embroidered, making those items ideal for conferences, for meeting with collaborators, or for when you want to show some Kitware pride!

Learn and grow

Career growth is important, and we want everyone to have the chance to grow in the ways that are best suited for them.

Through our mentor program, new employees learn about Kitware culture and processes. For developers, that also includes learning the ins and outs of our development environment. This isn’t limited to mentors, though – you’ll find that our friendly, open environment means everyone is happy to help if you have a question.

Professional growth comes in many forms at Kitware. We have a well-defined growth path laid out and readily available – it is never a secret what steps are needed to grow in your job. Bi-annual employee evaluations keep you on the same page as your manager. Beyond that, there are regular opportunities to learn and teach your coworkers. We have frequent tech lunches, presented by Kitware employees and partners, where you can learn about other technologies being developed at Kitware, as well as topics ranging from security technology to the open-source culture, all while enjoying a tasty lunch. Our partnerships with universities let us learn from experts in a wide range of fields, from geospatial analysis to quantum physics. All this learning opens the door to opportunities within Kitware – see an interesting challenge you’d like to tackle? We’ll help you find a way to make it happen!

We also strive for personal growth. Kitware sends each employee to one work-related conference of their choice every year, and employees regularly present papers and give talks. Kitware participates at a number of conferences each year, such as SC, SIGGRAPH, OSCON, OpenFOAM, Mil-OSS, MICCAI, VisWeek, CVPR, ICCV, and RSNA. These conferences are an opportunity to make important connections with other developers, researchers, and organizations, and share the Kitware mission and philosophy. Great ideas are often realized over a cup of coffee or a pint of beer, after the official event activities have ended for the day.  You can check our events calendar to see where we’ll be next, and contact us if you’d like to meet up.