Who we are

Kitware is all about our people. Since we spend a lot of time with our colleagues, we strive to bring people together who are energized by each other and the work they do.

Kitware’s culture is built around openness, enthusiasm, flexibility, and meaningful work. We enjoy an environment where we are empowered to pursue new opportunities and new ideas, and to think outside of the box. Kitwareans take pride in the opportunities each of us have to share our work with the company and beyond.

We participate in fun runs, bike rides, toys for tots, and many other charity events. Each person at Kitware brings something special to the table, and we celebrate this. You’ll find groups at Kitware with interests from playing strategy board games to hitting the slopes in winter to sampling the latest brew from local breweries.

Be heard

Have something to say? Got news to share? We want to hear about it! All employees have blogging privileges to share project updates on work-in-progress, relevant news or articles, and topics that we’re passionate about, and are encouraged to write internal and external blog posts.

We also have several other communication tools, which are all powered by the content Kitwareans write. The Source is our quarterly newsletter, and everyone is invited to contribute technical articles about our work. Our communications team will reach out to solicit articles, but the best articles are those that you’re excited to write.

We want to bang the drum and blow the trumpet about our work and the many people and groups that benefit from what we do, so we empower our people to share as much as possible.

Stay informed

Kitwareans are passionate about our work and research, and that enthusiasm is what keeps us on the cutting-edge of technology. Kitware hosts frequent technical lunches where anyone can share their work with other Kitware employees. If our work has a broader impact or appeal and can be talked about publicly, we’re encouraged to present a technical talk for the external community. It’s a great opportunity to show the world the cool projects we’re working on.

Every employee is given the opportunity to attend one work-related conference of their choice each year. While we are welcome to simply attend, listen and learn, many get involved at events by teaching workshops, co-chairing sessions, and participating in panel discussions.

Shape your future

Kitware is far from a top-down organization. In fact, we strive for as flat of an organizational structure as possible. While there are people “at the top,” you don’t have to go far to get to them, though you may have trouble keeping up if they’re zipping about on their scooter or skateboard.

At Kitware, we have an open-door policy to encourage feedback and discussion of problems, career choices, and any other considerations. Corporate leadership and management invite us to be active in managing our careers at Kitware, and encourage us to stop in and ask questions. Curiosity is a good thing, and at Kitware we’re empowered to pursue our interests. Want to research how modern video game technology could be modified to advance scientific visualization and analysis? Great – explore it. Seek out funding. Go for it. As long as we can show how it contributes to and builds Kitware’s open-source software base, you’re welcome to pursue it.

Have fun once in a while!

In addition to our great perks and benefits, we also have company events and gatherings to get to know each other outside of the work environment. We are much more than the jobs we do.

Parties: Kitware throws annual, family-friendly summer and holiday parties. Our summer picnic typically involves a bounce house, obstacle course, rock wall, and (of course) great food. For our winter holiday party, it’s a chance for Kitware employees and their families to dress up and celebrate another successful year.

Other company events: It’s great that there are things you can put on your calendar far in advance, but it’s also nice to have surprise event invitations pop into your inbox. We hold several family-friendly events throughout the year, such as bowling, attending minor-league hockey and baseball games, hayrides, roller skating, and visiting the local zoo.

The Kitware story

Legend has it that in a time long ago (1998), a clan of five saw the potential of open-source, scientific software to change the world.

It began with Will Schroeder, Ken Martin, and Bill Lorensen.  They needed a companion open-source visualization software package for their new textbook.  And lo, the Visualization Toolkit (VTK) was forged!  Developers and users in the scientific communities across the land quickly aligned with and supported VTK, and its popularity grew far and wide.

But VTK needed more; it needed champions, teachers, a place to call home.  Will, Ken, Lisa Avila, Bill Hoffman, and Charles Law, colleagues at GE, took the bold leap to support VTK through a small startup company.  And thus, Kitware, Inc. was born.

But that was only the beginning of this tale.  Since 1998, Kitware’s story has grown through dedicated work, development of cutting-edge software solutions, and close collaboration with a variety of organizations, including U.S. national labs, academic research institutions, and commercial companies. Kitware’s focus has expanded to include medical imaging, quality software processes, computer vision, and data & analytics.  For more information on Kitware, our open source mission, and our technology cores, visit www.kitware.com.

Will you be a part of our next chapter?